About Us

General Information

The Mini Socialites Foundation is a non-profit 501 ( c ) 3  organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of children with special needs and their families by building networks of support and inclusion with collaborative partners, sponsors, and community organizations. The Mini Socialites Foundation supports the work of Mini Socialites LLC. Originally founded in 2002 and expanded in 2017, the Mini Socialites LLC provides therapeutic and case management services to children who have autism and other developmental delays and their families. The Foundation delivers clothing, toys and food to the most needy of these families.

In 2017, the small group of volunteers who for years was dedicated to helping these families, expanded to form Mini Socialites Foundation, in the hopes of providing more and better inclusion opportunities and the delivery of additional therapeutic services in a more efficient setting.

Mini Socialites Foundation Annual Holiday Drive is by far the largest outreach event of the year. In 2016, the foundation collected over 3,000 items, including full holiday meals, gently used and new toys, and clothing, and distributed them to families of children with special needs to make sure the children and families served by Mini Socialites truly had a holiday to remember! In a majority of cases, Mini Socialites is the only holiday program offered to the families that we work with. Mini Socialites holiday drive does not receive any state or federal funding of any kind. All of the money, food, toys and clothing are generously donated by people that care deeply about Mini Socialites mission!

In 2017 The Mini Socialites Foundation hosted an Inclusive Christmas Party where 66 special needs children and their low income families enjoyed an afternoon out with Santa Claus and all went home with at least 10 presents wrapped and placed under the tree to be opened on Christmas morning. Fios 1 News rated the party as a Miracle of the Season!

The foundation’s work does not end there though. Mini Socialites LLC  in conjunction with Mini Socialites Foundation provides age appropriate social experiences to children with unique social needs.  Such experieonces range from group outings, such as our bowling party, where children with social support needs are paired with typical peers for a super fun bowling outing, to unique interest specific experiences, such as when we brought an 8th grader with a love of weather to ABC Studios weather set to meet with Bill Evans.

Mini Socialites Foundation is currently seeking to broaden its impact by supporting the development of a full service pediatric therapy practice.  Such a facility would substantially enhance the lives of autistic children and their families by streamlining the implementation of a broad range of necessary therapeutic services for parents and their children.  Parents and high functioning special needs children are consistently sacrificing the possibility of living balanced lives due to the loss of time and energy spent seeking and participating in necessary but uncoordinated services. These services include early intervention, physical therapy, occupational therapy,  speech therapy, A.B.A. therapy, music therapy, medication monitoring, social skills groups, family counseling, and D.A.N. doctors. By streamlining therapeutic services, high functioning special needs children have more natural opportunities to participate in typical youth activities, enhancing the likelihood that they will be maintained in their home setting, be mainstreamed in their school setting, and become functional, independent adults.