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Mini Socialites Outings –  The Mini Socialites Foundation is an advocate of a holistic, integrated approach to learning, programs are offered that afford children the opportunity to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually as they develop their talents to the fullest. In the quest to inspire children to become successful in life, Mini Socialites establishes events that break the mold, are rich in experiences, nurturing in support, challenging in its expectations, and unconditional in its love for a child. Asking children and their families to risk the kind of independent thinking and socializing that leads to creativity makes providing a psychologically safe environment a must. Equipping children with the necessary intellectual tools to prepare for tomorrow and developing coping skills to deal with “life” is a personal mission.

The presentation of a myriad of experiences touch the five senses and the four learning styles, that build confidence, develop self-efficacy, instill the value of self-worth, stretch the mind and reach the soul, is the work of the Mini Socialites Foundation. Strong peer to peer relationships and a personal commitment to aid each child as they travel a personal journey of discovery, tells the child that they are valued. A genuine partnership with parents makes this bond even stronger.